KRE features many awesome breeders including:


A-List Animals

The Axanthic Project

John Chausmer Repiles

Walking Pencil Ill.

Bilby's Ballroom

Weise Guys Reptiles

Reptiles That Don't Suck

Mostly Reptiles

Cold Blooded Cuties

The Reptile Factory

Ron Bishoff

Creation's Finest

Dubias R Us

Detwiler's Quality Const 

Circus Roaches

Dream Co.

Chasing Cresties  

Scaled Sisters

Magical Geckos

Strohls Herptiles

Titan Retics

Just Snakes


Reptiles of Eden

EchoAngel's Rabbit Hole

Ridgeline Reptiles

Crestie Creations

Scales Unlimited

David Frost

Dana Benson

Jason Aspley

H&H Reptiles

The Carrot Patch

Lil Critter Company

Jon Chapman

Shore Thing Exotics

Sunfire Exotics

Caitlin Ellinger

Bourbon City Balls

Gem City Axolotls

Chameleons 4 U

Augury & Alchemy

Scales by Sky